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Since 2011, Jenson & Graf’s primary focus has been to help people to safely improve credit after an insolvency event like consumer proposal or bankruptcy. It IS possible to do it and we can show you how!

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A good credit rating is more important than ever.

Your credit rating factors into so much more of daily life than simply borrowing money. A good credit rating is helpful in securing everyday things like:

  • Housing

    Rentals & Purchases

  • Vehicles

    Purchase & Leasing

  • Technology

    Cellphones & Internet

  • Access to Credit

    Approvals & Interest Rates

  • Employment

    Securing & Promotions

  • Insurance

    Approvals & Premiums

About Our Company

  • A good name is worth more than money...

    A good name is worth more than money. Before joining your program all my name would bring in terms of money was high interest, loan shark, payday loans. I would pay hundreds of dollars and only be paying the interest. After completing your program, people were telling me I have good credit and no restrictions would be placed on my account.

  • It is not easy starting over again...

    It is not easy starting over again, this program offered by Jenson & Graf Risk Management has not only helped with my credit score but has also helped me budget for my savings and future.

  • Helped me to get back to a reasonable credit rating...

    I wish to extend my wishes for those trying to recover from credit and financial hardship issues. I hope they understand that services like yours helped me to get back to a reasonable credit rating and protect my consumer proposal at the same time.

  • Thank you for your assistance with rebuilding my credit...

    I am writing this email to thank you for your assistance with rebuilding my credit, after 30 months my credit has gone up from 609 to over 750.

  • I am thankful for all your help in this...

    I have been able to successfully rebuild my credit following a consumer proposal and was able to obtain a mortgage within 3 year period after the proposal. I am thankful for all your help in this.