Payment Protector

Payment Protector

Your Consumer Proposal has helped settle your debts, but your financial health is not completely restored until you have a good credit rating.  Payment Protector is designed to help you complete your consumer proposal AND improve your credit all at the same time!

  • Tax-free benefit
  • Helps avoid annulment
  • No upfront fee or deposit
  • Cancel anytime
  • 30-day money back

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Improving Credit

Positive credit history is more important than ever. However, in order to build credit you must borrow something and pay it back over time.  This can be especially challenging, risky and expensive while in consumer proposal.  Payment Protector can help!  Here’s how: 

Add New Credit

To build credit, you must demonstrate that you can be trusted to use credit responsibly.  Payment Protector shows you have been trusted by creating a new tradeline on your credit bureau and reports much needed payment history each month that you make your payment on time.

Good Credit Mix

According to the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), your credit rating can benefit from different types of credit – namely ‘revolving’ credit, which is received from credit cards; and ‘installment’ credit, which is received from loans.  Payment Protector provides the installment ( ‘I1’ ) credit history needed for your healthy credit mix.


Positive credit history can help save you money and make life much easier.  Here are some common examples:

Housing Purchase and Rentals

Your credit rating factors heavily into your mortgage approval AND into the interest rate you receive, if you are approved.  A 1% difference in your interest rate may seem small but it can save you thousands of dollars over the term of your mortgage! Landlords and property managers are also demanding credit checks as part of the screening process for rentals.  Better credit means better chance of getting into the home you want.


Vehicle Financing

You can almost always secure vehicle financing from somewhere, despite your credit rating.  However, with poor credit you may be forced into a selection of older vehicles at higher rates.  This can sometimes lead to a situation where the loan outlasts the vehicle!  Better credit = better selection and affordability for vehicles.

Telecommunications and Utilities

It is helpful to have good credit in order to get access to the best new devices with little or no down payment.  With poor credit, you may not get access to the best phone or internet plans; or you may have to pay a sizeable deposit before receiving access to these plans or other utilities.

Access to Credit

Your credit history plays a major role in your ability to access credit, whether it be a credit card, car loan or mortgage. Even when approved, your credit rating can determine how much interest you will pay on any credit you are able to access.


More than ever, employers are including credit report in their screening process.  Even if the applicant has an impeccable resume and flawless interviews, employers usually check the credit of an applicant before making a job offer.


It is a little known fact, credit does play a role in determining how much premium should be charged by insurance companies on an individual.  Sometimes your home and auto insurance premium could be doubled if the credit score is low.

Protect Your Proposal

Payment Protector can help protect your consumer proposal in the face of an unexpected event.

Unemployment Protection Plus

Protects your proposal payments if you lose your job involuntarily or if you suffer an accidental disability.

Total Disability

Protects your proposal payments if you are rendered disabled due to accident or covered illness.

Life or Accidental Death

Pays the balance owing on your proposal if death is caused by accident or illness.

What They're Saying

  • A good name is worth more than money...

    A good name is worth more than money. Before joining your program all my name would bring in terms of money was high interest, loan shark, payday loans. I would pay hundreds of dollars and only be paying the interest. After completing your program, people were telling me I have good credit and no restrictions would be placed on my account.

  • It is not easy starting over again...

    It is not easy starting over again, this program offered by Jenson & Graf Risk Management has not only helped with my credit score but has also helped me budget for my savings and future.

  • Helped me to get back to a reasonable credit rating...

    I wish to extend my wishes for those trying to recover from credit and financial hardship issues. I hope they understand that services like yours helped me to get back to a reasonable credit rating and protect my consumer proposal at the same time.

  • Thank you for your assistance with rebuilding my credit...

    I am writing this email to thank you for your assistance with rebuilding my credit, after 30 months my credit has gone up from 609 to over 750.

  • I am thankful for all your help in this...

    I have been able to successfully rebuild my credit following a consumer proposal and was able to obtain a mortgage within 3 year period after the proposal. I am thankful for all your help in this.